SalsaBoston Poll Results

Are you interested in seeing lessons and dancing start earlier on Wednesdays at Sophia's? (Pick one or more)

YES! I already go there but I can't stay out late.
1 17 (29%)
YES! I don't go now because it starts too late, but I would if it were earlier.
2 23 (39%)
DON'T CARE--I don't go there on Wednesdays.
3 3 (5%)
DON'T CARE--I like to go out later as it is.
4 11 (18%)
I've never been there on Wednesdays but am planning to go.
5 2 (3%)
I usually go to Sophia's on other nights.
6 3 (5%)
If it were earlier, I would consider getting a drink and a bite to eat before the lessons.
7 9 (15%)
Votes: 58
Start: 15.06.03, 14:45
Finish: 11.07.03, 12:23

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